January 31, 2013

First week back.

My first week back at college so far has been eventful. (And it isn't even over.  I just wanted to post once more in January.)

So, in no particular order I've:
  • Written a poem.
  • Gotten awesome gifts from my roommates and friends.  
  • Played bingo for books (and failed miserably).
  • Learned we are made of stardust (thank you Contemporary Concepts in Physics).
  • Eaten dates.

Since I've written last, there have also been many birthdays.  Too many birthdays, really.  My mom had hers the Saturday before I left for school, my brother's was on Monday, and then Zoe's 19th b-day is today.  They're getting so old.  (It's okay, I suppose I am too.)

Today has been quite blissful.  This Thursday (because this week is absent of my T/TH Spanish labs), my only class is at 3 pm. And it's Creative Writing, so it should be awesome.  Next Tuesday I have a poem due.  It has to be about a thing.  I will keep you updated.  Probably via Twitter.

Before I leave you, here is my recent philosophy:
Talking to people is beautiful.  You never know what you'll learn.  Don't squander the opportunity, even for a hello.  Maybe you'll find a best friend in waiting, a future partner in crime.  The possibilities are endless.  Give it a try.

Hope you're having a good day!  I have to go put on real pants and brave the cold now.


  1. Oooh, a poem!

    And I'm addicted to dates. They're so delicious! We had some for New Years and I nearly ate the entire box!

  2. It sounds like you're having a fantastic time back so far, so for that I am quite glad! I don't think I've ever actually had a date, but they seem like something I would probably like. That's awesome that you have creative writing. I'm jealous.

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  4. You have such an optimistic view on school. It cheers me up.