January 01, 2013

Jump into the fog.

Here's what I'm hoping to accomplish in the new year.  "Resolution" is just a fancy way of saying goal, right?

1. Finish my first year of college.
2. Get my driver's license.
3. Go to Austin, TX for the Blogger Family meet up.
4. Read 50 books.
5. Find an internship.
6. Keep track of the movies I watch.
7. Be fitter.
8. Finish my 365 photography project / become a better photographer.
9. Learn how to knit.
10. Spend less money.
11. Leave 10 Nerdfighter Notes.
12. Eat healthier.
13. Have more adventures.

What are your plans for 2013?


  1. Finding the time to read more is definitely something I should do, too. And if you learn how to knit you can make scarfs and such, which would be great, so you should. AND YAY AUSTIN.

  2. I don't have any particular plans yet, but yours are quite inspirational! Happy New year by the way :)

  3. great list! as for me, my top priorities for this year is:
    1. get promoted or apply to a higher position in my job
    2. travel more
    and just like you, 3. eat healthier and get fitter!

    better late than never, but happy new year!!!

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  4. I definitely think that goals are something you can make at any time! Good luck.

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