March 19, 2013

March 15, 2013

The necessary things.

As of now my midterms are over and spring break 2013 has officially started!  I am more than ready to leave behind the snow and 26 degree weather for the sun.  I was surprised by the number of people who are indeed staying on campus.  But I need to go home and see my family so I am.

Recently, Spotify and music in general has been an important part of my life.  This is only compounded by the 100 or so (free) awesome jams I collect every weekend with Nicole at the local libraries. She and I also got free mugs on our last trip.  I know, it's too much.  Considering all the fantastic sounds I've gathered, you can expect a playlist post in the next week.

Two weeks ago Nicole hosted her first guests on her radio show.  Tyler, Dan and Alex were declaring the Independent State of X.  Yes, they have an created anarchist state that exists on campus but has declared independence from the city of St. Paul, my college, and the state of Minnesota. I was there to document the interview as they talked to late night listeners about their idea.  It's all fairly absurd but I continue to support them because I am loyal to my friends however crazy their schemes.  They make me laugh.

Just wanted to mention I don't usually work in my bed and now I know why.  I am fiercely fighting off the urge to sleep in order to finish this.  Okay, it helps that one of my roommates, Sana, just came back into the room, triumphantly exclaiming she had stolen food from the cafeteria.  To explain, she and Zoe are here for portions of break and need to stock up on food when the cafeteria will be closed.

I started a rejection folder on my gmail.  I have vowed to put every electronic version of rejection I get in there.  This folder will serve to remind myself that rejection happens.  That said, I can't let it stand in my way of ultimately getting what I want.

Meanwhile, planning for the summer is underway and it's definitely giving me a headache.  I'm learning it's not always easy to do the necessary things.  Kudos to all the adults who do it with grace.  I'm getting there.

Have a happy Friday and an awesome weekend!

March 11, 2013

Instax portrait project.

Hello, friends!
It's about time I revealed my latest creative project!
Drum roll, please...

...I've been taking instant portraits of those near-and-dear to me.
Right now they're just the awesome folks I've met in college,
but when I go home next week for spring break, 
I hope to start a separate wall.

This should give you an idea of what my dorm wall looks like, though.
I absolutely LOVE it.

Here's an extensive sampling of the portraits I've taken.
Dan's is definitely one of my favorites.
Austin, Tyler, and Alex made their portraits their respective Facebook profile pictures.

And there's still more to come in the future!
Okay, now I'm off to study my brains out for midterms.