June 23, 2013

Now you see me.

Since I last posted, life has treated me well.  Or at least I've refused to let it beat me down.  

The heat here is stifling.  Add that to storms we had last week and I might think I was home.  Except my room was virtually an ice box and I guess I never appreciated that until now.  My fans are on full blast and I still can't sleep comfortably.

On Friday, Emily and I walked to a local ice cream parlor.  I indulged in salted caramel with an m&m izzy (an izzy is the miniature scoop on top. Oh, and I was a "tester" for their new waffle bowl.  I approve).  We got to catch up and as we were departing, made loose plans to attend Pride together next weekend.  That should be fun.  Reminds me I should finally post a video/proper write up about The Electric Run I volunteered at in May.

On another note, my eyes are pretty sore after watching several movies this weekend.  But trust me, it was worth it.  I finally saw the classic Trainspotting, which makes me both excited and terrified to see Trance.  Falling under the Other Movies I Saw That Made Me Cry category are: Sicko, Freedom Writers, and One Day.

In theaters today I saw Now You See Me.  I enjoyed it more than I thought I would, but it is certainly no Prestige.  Also, I was surprised how ~old~ Morgan Freeman looked.  I suppose even he is not immune to aging.

After the movie, I went to Target for some essentials and then some skin care/beauty items.  I am trying to do a better job of moisturizing, cleansing, and everything else you're told to do.  Well, for the most part I've ignored that.  Check out this pretty blue nail polish I found.  How appropriate.

In late breaking news, I started playing Tiny Tower again. I'm just going to leave it at that.

I hope everyone has a stellar week.

June 14, 2013

Disposable camera woes.

A few years ago I bought an altered film camera.  Of course, it was only this past school year before I actually used it...and even longer before I got it developed.  

Two weeks ago, I went to the nearby Walgreens to drop off my used camera only to learn they don't develop film anymore.  They directed me to another (thankfully) close Walgreens that still does it.  My friend Andy was kind enough to drive me there before and after our downtown excursion.  We both got excited to see the results.

We shouldn't have gotten excited.  Fast forward an hour or so and we're back to claim and pay for my photos.  The clerk, however, tells us the machine has broken and they have no idea when it will be fixed. I am a little ticked, but what can I do?  They will call me when it's done.

Then I realize I don't have my debit card.  My cash-on-hand dwindling, even if I wanted to pay for my photos, I know I can't thanks to the inflated price (at least $12).  So I waited another five days to get my new debit card.  AND WALGREENS STILL HADN'T CALLED.

Finally early last week they called home to say they were ready.  Well, I wasn't ready anymore.  I had to work all day.  It would have to wait until I could bike there.  

When I look at them over dinner, I realize quite a few were ill developed.  And lo and behold, my debit card was tucked inside the carton.  Except that card is entirely unusable and cost me significant anguish.

So after that terribly long and exhausting effort, here are some of the best shots.

What are your thoughts on disposable cameras?  Are they even worth it anymore?

June 08, 2013

Right before my eyes.

Hello, hello!  I've started a video project called "instax insights."  Here's the first video.  While this is a pretty good introduction, it's not the standard. I plan to keep adapting my style and experimenting more.  I would appreciate any and all comments, tips, etc. to aid in that process.

I hope you're well!  Enjoy!