August 02, 2013

Dear Alexandra,

I am rushing to write this before the day is over.  I would've started sooner but we've been busy having fun traipsing around for most of the day!

While I could've done without our gross encounters on the way to the library, I couldn't have done without this new book you assisted me in picking up.  Seriously, I will go ahead and claim it is one of the best books I've read in a long time.  (More on that at a later date.  I think I'll be finished soon.)

Sorry for the detour we took to finally use up my Wet Paint gift card.  Of course, had I not bought that pen, we would've missed the cashier's confused look when I asked for pennies.  "Wait, do you actually LIKE pennies?"  His concern was amusing.

Infiltrating the nearby university's campus center was a great decision, if not to just pose like the statues.  Maybe one day, though, they'll have more bike racks.  And I hope that couple that we saw by the fountain got to smooch after those dog-walkers left.  Gosh, I can't wait for when we go back during the school year.  All the people-watching and story-concocting possibilities!

By the way, your polaroid portrait might be one of my favorites to date.  We picked a good spot, even if those kids and other parents were milling about.  I think they would've been envious if they saw the end result!  I mean it.

I'm very glad I met you this summer, Alexandra.  You are down-to-earth and such a patient listener.  Sometimes that's hard to find these days, so thank you.  Playing tennis and amazing adventures like today await in our future!


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  1. LIZZIE!! I just read this! Haha, I'm really glad to have met you this summer too. And there will definitely be more St. Thomas people-watching adventures in our future ;)