August 01, 2013

Dear CDC coworkers,

I haven't even known you for a full year, but you've already made my life immeasurably better.

Thank you for your upmost generosity.  Today was a prime example of how you continue to go above and beyond.  Dressing up in business attire and taking photos, those posed and those shall-we-say more candid, wasn't necessary.  But it help us improve our LinkedIn profiles.  (And in the end, we couldn't miss the opportunity to laugh at fake desks and our silly expressions.)

So even though it's a desk job first, we're not drones.  We're human.  We have lives, we exist outside the office, and we make mistakes.  Seriously, thank you for answering my questions and teaching me the ropes.  And while you may ask for a lot, you always give equally in return.

The "how are you"s are highly appreciated.  On the days when I'm not feeling great, your words of encouragement and sympathy help keep me going.  Also that incredibly messy, incredibly emotional day back in the fall when you listened to me hyperventilate as I missed home?  Yes, thank you for that.  Your support was step one to recovery and enabling me to continue having an amazing first year.

Not to mention, you've taught me practically everything I know about jobs, resumes, alumni reports, you name it.  Knowledge is power, especially when it comes to battling life after college.

And in case I haven't said it enough: thank you.  I look forward to these next three years of self discovery and working hard so when college is over, I will land on my feet.


P.S. I am not getting paid to say this.

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