August 05, 2013

Dear David,

Your email could not have come at a better time.  As much as I've enjoyed this summer -- the semi-independence, meeting new people, venturing out, and, of course, earning money -- these past few weeks have been hard.  I miss my family.  I miss my own bed.  I miss the ocean.  I miss my Florida friends and other Mac friends.  I miss having other goals to work towards.

So thank you for your enthusiastic and comforting words.  These next two weeks will be better.

Can you believe I have nearly doubled my music collection this summer alone?  I'm working towards refining it.  My ipod is running out of space.

I'm very glad you liked my previous suggestions!  Here are some songs that have been "the soundtrack of my life" lately.  Enjoy!

"Electric Feel" -- MGMT

"Resolution" -- Matt Corby

"From Nowhere" -- Dan Croll

"Boris" -- BOY

"Set Fire to the Third Bar" -- Snow Patrol

I miss you.  Come back to Minnesota already.



  1. I love all of this :) Especially Snow Patrol and MGMT!


    1. Y'know, I didn't think I liked Snow Patrol until I heard that song of theirs.