August 13, 2013

Dear Kevin,

(Great, I'm already tearing up.)

You have always been a smart, funny, and caring older brother.  Whenever I would fight with Andy, you were there to intervene.  I've looked up to you my entire life.  The way you were able to do well academically but also have a pretty active social life-- I envied that.

I love watching you play video games.  (Okay, loved.  It's just because I don't understand League of Legends, okay?   Kirby has been and will to continue to be more my speed.)

Remember when we shared the front room?  When I was maybe five, six and you were not much older?  We used to tune the blue boombox to 107.1 AIA and fall asleep to the music.  I remember hearing Train's "Drops of Jupiter" and I've forever associated that song with this memory.

Even if I was up to writing paragraphs upon paragraphs right now, I could never come close to expressing the gratitude I feel for knowing you.

I hope we do share our inspirational quotes/song lyrics/whatever daily, or at least as often as we can.

Stay awesome.

I love you,

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  1. Your posts are so sentimental. Are really enjoy reading them. You seem to be surrounded by some great people in your life. :)

    Step Into Adolescence