August 15, 2013

Dear Mo,

Can you believe our time as summer roommates has officially ended?

It's incredible how much and yet how little can be crammed into time frames.  (Time frames and their existence is a whole 'nother story.)  But really, it feels like I was just settled into living in my room in our triple before BAM, I had to get up and shlep my stuff elsewhere.  Right now the Kirk room is empty.  Hallow.  Blank.

So what does this mean for us?

As we start over, amongst the new spaces to decorate, old friends to greet, and boxes to unpack, I hope we don't erase the time we had together, the small fraction of the year when we got to interact beyond meals and short visits.

Well, when I tried to interact at least.  For the most part, we drifted away.  I realized about halfway in that we had separate interests to explore-- independently.

No joke, my two jobs consumed me and slowly yours did too.  Except yours also allowed you to bond with other folks, some familiar and some new, and all the tour guide jokes/anecdotes eventually excluded me.

I'm not sure any of this exclusion is a bad thing.  The times we've had to talk at length, we've mutually agreed it was more circumstantial and were fatigued most of the time, preventing quality time spent.  I know that didn't stop you from hanging out with Minah exclusively, and sometimes well into the night, and, well, that's fine.

Thanks for reminding me how it feels to be left out.  While it hurt, it forced me to understand that I won't always be considered as I consider others.  I admit I am pretty sensitive--and I believe you never did it maliciously--but the fact that it happened was enough to make me...disappointed.  I dunno, I thought I deserved better?  Maybe coming from a quad I had too high expectations?

That aside, let's not forget that WE SURVIVED.  We worked our bums off during the week and did our best to enjoy the Twin Cities on the weekends.  We played Wii in the loch prior to the camp invasion.  We lived through said camp invasion.  I got to meet your Mom and close friend, Drew.  We updated each other on our TV watching.  The list goes on...

In short, I'll miss you and I can't wait to come visit you in your new "incredible" room.

And I hope there's room for me there, so to speak.

I love you as a friend, Morgan.  You know that will never change.  Even if you weren't exactly the roommate I expected, that doesn't nullify our friendship.

Have a great year, m'dear.


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