August 04, 2013

Dear Nicole,

We skyped for two hours today and here I am, talking to you again in another medium.

Sorry this won't be very long, though.  I just watched Starter for 10 with Sana and she loved it, which makes me happy of course.  Except now I'm in a post-McAvoy-movie haze.  This may not end well.

In other news, Oliver thinks Haroon's name is Harpoon, with a P, and I made an idiot out of myself at dinner.  But hey, what's new.

Sana and I also started watched Orange is the New Black after several people I follow on tumblr kept reblogging photosets.  It's...well...different.  I think I should watch more than the first episode before making any hard judgments.

Well., I think that's everything new that's transpired since we talked this afternoon.

I miss you.  I will keep practicing my Alt-J symbol for September in the meantime.  And working on your mix!



  1. I very much enjoy OITNB but I can see how it may not be for some people. I LOVE IT THOUGH.

    Skype is a beautiful thing.

  2. HEY, I just read this!!! I've gotta keep on top of this stuff now that you're blogging like crazy!!

    I'm glad to hear Sana had the appropriate reaction to "Starter for 10." And I'm glad you shared the thing about "Harpoon," because that is definitely my kind of humor. I'm not sure why that's so funny to me. Reserving judgement on "Orange" is probably reasonable, I think I have conflicting opinions about it based purely on what I've read (not having watched any).

    Keep practicing for Alt-J! I miss you a lot and I can't wait to see you in a few weeks!!