August 19, 2013

Dear Oliver,

You were driving me to the airport at the crack of dawn when you remarked, "It would've been about this same time last year that we were emailing each other."

And you're right.  August 2012 we found out we were soon to be co-workers.  I was shocked, yet flattered, that you emailed me to introduce yourself.  We then exchanged facts about ourselves over the course of several days until you left for MacWard Bound.  Little did I know you would meet my roommate, Zoe, on that trip and we'd thus see each other outside of work.

This summer, as you've noted, you've grown up.  During the year, you were wilder, more unpredictable, more inconsiderate.  But I think that's because it was before you got to know anyone.
And before we got to know you.

Thanks for being helpful this summer, first with my move, and then driving me to the airport.  You're great.


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