August 12, 2013

Dear Zack,

First of all, Happy Birthday!  Yet how you've bent the space-time continuum to turn 20 already I will never know.  You've always been more science-y.

I know we've been friends a long time since you were featured in my inaugural post.  That shiz was a long time ago!  I mean, we're talking 2008, when we were still entrenched in high school.  Can you even remember half the stuff that went down then?  Well, besides you chemically straightening your hair, which, to be fair, I bet many have forgotten.  (I clearly haven't.)

In 2008, you were also my best guy friend.  Sadly, that's not true anymore.  I don't have any best guy friend nowadays.  I have good friends all around.

I know we don't talk much or at all, but I can't discredit your friendship those years we did talk.  We talked quite a bit, actually.  How did we never run out of things to talk about?

Thanks for everything, Zack.  You are pretty darn sweetawesome.

Much, much, mucho love,

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