September 15, 2013

Sophomore shenanigans.

So far I'm loving being a sophomore.  But first I should probably fill you in on the end of my summer.

Towards the end of August, I finally went home for a week.  A week is so short, though!  I was surprised how much I really needed it.  I gave my mom a huge hug and cried, at least a little bit, almost every day.  I think I was letting myself feel vulnerable after toughing out three months virtually alone.

I was also very glad able to spend time with Puja and Aniesa, Brianna, and my brother before they were all off to their respective colleges.  I'm slowly learning life is just a series of arrivals and departures.

When I came back early (as in before classes started) for job training, everyone else was just arriving from home.  The hustle and bustle picked up as my RA and Orientation Leader friends helped the new first-years move-in.  Slowly my other sophomore classmates trekked back.  Dan and I assisted Zoe and her mom as she got her room situated.  My days getting ready for my new position at the CDC were informative but tiring.  I was grateful for that weekend before classes started.

That weekend I was reunited with Nicole when she invited me along to the Minnesota-On-A-Stick concert at the State Fair.  The concert was comprised of Minnesota local bands so we got to groove to the likes of Mason Jennings and Trampled by Turtles.  Mason Jennings' "Be Here Now" definitely spoke to me as I was in fact trying to immerse myself back into college life.  Also, if you ever get the chance to see Trampled by Turtles live, GO, because their instrumentality is awe-inspiring.  The five hours of music was enhanced by getting to hang out with Nicole, her cousin, and her family.

After spending my whole summer in a single, I was half-excited, half-reluctant to be living in a double.  Mostly, I was sad I wouldn't be living with my first-year roommates in the quad again.  Emily and I have tried to mimic certain elements of our former room (her chair, the minimalistic table from Ikea, fridge, etc.), but it will never be the same.  And I have to accept that.
Amid getting our room fully situated, we had to do that thing where we actually show up, listen, take notes and analyze readings.  Y'know, rhymes with sass, but has five letters?  Yes, that.  Luckily, I didn't have my three-hour night Monday class the first week.  Of course, that just means I have a ton of work to do for it now, more specifically after I finish writing this...

The weekend before was spectacular, and I don't use that word lightly.
On Saturday into Sunday morning we had a Sophomore Leadership Retreat.  It was just in another part of Minnesota, but in order to get there, we had to drive through Wisconsin.  So now I guess I can say I've been there.  These classmates of mine are quite amazing.  We shared many snacks and many laughs.
Most of the retreat was spent reflecting and expressing goals for the new year.  Andy and I were paired up by closest birthdays to discuss what we journaled about.  We both want to broaden and deepen our connections here at college.  He and I also walked into this grassy clearing as we talked.

When the retreat was over, I rushed to get homework done before going to see Alt-J at First Ave in Minneapolis.
I discovered the band last fall and vividly remember playing "Breezeblocks" on repeat.  To see them live was, for lack of a better word, incredible.  "Taro," "Matilda," "Dissolve Me," "Fitzpleasure," and the entire set was amazing and infused with color.  This concert set the perfect tone for my sophomore year.

Other notable events include:
Emily spilling yogurt on our milk carton and proceeding to eat it.

Oliver trying to run me over.

I hope everyone is well.  If you're back in school or back at college, good luck surviving the workload.  I know I'm still doing my best to adjust.

Days until my birthday: 25