December 01, 2013

A fresh start.

These past few weeks have been incredibly nice.  Sure, the usual stresses of school and figuring out study abroad and everything else are straining on me.  But somehow through it all I've been very…relaxed.  And even now as finals settle in, I'm trying to stay positive.  Today has been a struggle, though.

As for my last post: I finally worked up the nerve to tell the guy I liked him.  And after obsessing over the silliest and most insignificant things, I learned he's not looking for a relationship.  We've remained good friends since and I couldn't be happier about my decision to say something.

I forgot my password to tumblr again so I will stay logged out until after finals.  I think I can survive two weeks without seeing Tom Hiddleston -- who, I should mention, I never knew before tumblr.  I get the impression he's a nice guy.

I've discovered some great music lately.  Here's one live version that I've found particularly awesome.

With only two weeks left of the semester, I hope I can go out with a bang.

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