December 06, 2013

The things I think I'll do (and never actually do).

  • Blog more.  Always, always, always.
  • Travel.  I have big dreams of somehow road tripping across Florida to visit friends at their various colleges this January and I know that's probably not going to happen.
  • Get a license.  But not paying insurance is nice/what car would I drive anyway. 
  • Take instax portraits.  My project has mostly been on hold all semester and that makes me sad.
  • Turn in an Econ problem set with confidence.  At this point, I just assume I'll lose a couple of points because I don't explain things properly.  Thankfully I'm almost done.  Just two more classes and a final!
  • Eat better.  I really try with this.  I think I will break up with breakfast muffins next semester.  Lemon Poppyseed, it's not you, it's me.
  • Hang out with friends I don't see often anymore.  The invitation lingers and I never follow through.  That needs to change.  Today at least I get to play indoor tennis with Sana.
Take care.  Ace your finals.


  1. i know what you mean with not actually doing anything. i just turned 26 & i think i only completed half of my 25 before 26. i'm debating whether or not to do a 26 before 27 list or just a simple 10 things to do this year starting in january. not sure yet.

    i didn't get my license until i was about 24, so i know that not having to pay insurance & all that jazz is nice. i'd say do it when you need to. haha.

    i'm with you with eating better! that is definitely something i need to work on. also, i think that setting little goals (one lemon poppyseed muffin a month or something like that) helps too.

    also with travel, miguel & i try to go on little overnight trips or day trips. they work out quite nicely & aren't that expensive if we look for deals.

    best of luck to this list of things!!

  2. I just love your whole dang list. Yes, yes, yes.