January 28, 2014

In my element.

Hello from frigid Minnesota! The whole state was cancelled yesterday, but classes weren't -- in case that gives you any indication of what I'm dealing with here.  I could complain about the cold except I mostly have been voluntarily trekking out into the -45 degree weather.

You see, my classmates envy me because I've managed not to have any classes Mondays and Fridays this semester.  Yes, I will rejoice in a my four-day weekend every weekend, but the bulk of my work study hours are allotted to those "free" days and c'mon, I'll still have plenty of homework!  If you're wondering how I managed this, I have two T/TH classes and two 3-hour film classes on Wednesday.  I've always thought "Wednesday hump day" was a poor description of this particular day in the week week.  Now I'm thinking it's just about right.

I have absolutely loved being back.  I am truly in my element here.  Already, this is the fourth time for buying books, scheduling advisor meetings, etc so I can't help feeling like a pro.  I realize I've also established such a tremendous network of friends with all sorts of majors and interests that walking across campus, I usually see four to five friends.  And while some people may doubt my general ability to genuinely care about so many friends, I can only say its their loss.  It wasn't until college that I truly understand the capacity for friendship.

I'm off to read seven chapters for tomorrow's class, assigned only just a few hours ago.

College: the struggle is real.

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