January 12, 2014

Keeping myself honest.

The problem with blogging is you often forget to look back at what you wrote before.  Fortunately, from time-to-time I play "this day/month in history" with my archives and unearth some pretty embarrassing stuff.  And then sometimes I rediscover goals I had set for myself...and had promptly forgotten.  Time to see if I kept my word.

1. Finish my first year of college.
I accomplished this!

2. Get my driver's license.
I've accepted that this might not happen for a couple more years.  My revised goal would be to get my driver's license eventually but live somewhere with superb public transportation.

3. Go to Austin, TX for the Blogger Family meet up.
Awww.  This makes me sad!  My summer plans just did not afford me time to go.  But I will go to a meet-up one of these years, I swear.

4. Read 50 books.
Ha ha, no.  In an effort to be more realistic, I'm aiming for 25 in 2014.

5. Find an internship.
I'm still working on it.

6. Keep track of the movies I watch.

7. Be fitter.
Though I'm not the next yogi, I did yoga weekly starting last summer and through mid-December.

8. Finish my 365 photography project / become a better photographer.
I may never finish a 365 so I should probably stop attempting.

9. Learn how to knit.

10. Spend less money.
I'll say yes.

11. Leave 10 Nerdfighter Notes.
I forgot I had the intention to do this.

12. Eat healthier.
For the most part.  This will always be a goal of mine.

13. Have more adventures.
Okay, real talk.  I blame tumblr for this notion that I need to "have more adventures" because I can't forget I am a student first and foremost and that means my time and resources are limited.  Besides, I'm having a certain kind of adventure by learning everything I do.  Basically I need to redefine "adventure" and not let photos of the Pacific Northwest with "let's go on an adventure" written in Helvetica dictate what constitutes adventurous and what doesn't.

So, I was mildly successful at these goals, which is remarkable considering most slipped my mind.  My "19 before 20" list remains a work in progress.  I'm open for suggestions.

I hope everyone's 2014 has been off to a good start.

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