February 25, 2014

Still in the tundra.

Keep in mind that I just saw the documentary film Terms and Conditions May Apply and am therefore very mindful of what I'm posting to the internet.  Funnily enough Netflix has been showing a message about accepting the new privacy policy and terms of use.  And I actually read them more thoroughly than I would have before.  As the film points out, though, you, nor I, could amend our actions for everything we've already opted into.  It's just not possible.

Sorry to start off with a bummer.  Generally my life has been excellent!  Like all my college classmates, I stressed and strained over the study abroad proposal.  I submitted mine on Saturday a full three days before the deadline.  What a relief for that to be done.  I hear back in exactly a month whether or not I'm allowed to go forth and apply directly to the University.  Exciting times!

Now the focus shifts to finding subletters and housemates for next year.  Some of my friends have decided to live on campus another year and that sounds like a solid choice.  I was considering it myself until I was contacted about living in a 4-bedroom duplex from a family I babysat for that are moving.  The house is absolutely adorable and everyone will probably get sick of me Instagramming it.  But I've accepted that.  Hopefully I can also live there this summer.  The lease part of this whole ordeal, however, is still up in the air.  I'm shocked at the number of classmates who have already signed theirs. Nothing like competition and comparison to spark action, right?  It appears I'm still processing what outspoken education writer Alfie Kohn spoke about last week.

Otherwise, my classes -- Educational Psychology, 19th Century British Literature, Oppositional Cinemas and Blackness in the Media -- are equal amounts engaging and challenging.  I can tell that none of my classes seem like a burden this semester.  Of course that doesn't mean they aren't, like I said, challenging.  For instance, the final project and curatorial paper for Blackness in the Media looks terrifyingly hard.  But I will cross that bridge when I come to it.  In the meantime, I can revel in reading Jane Eyre and learning about developmental disabilities.  Shout out to Shelby and her interest in speech pathology.

I deeply cherish the days I get to host the radio show with Nicole, text David the most random stuff, play tennis with Andy, laugh my bum off with Emily, or just generally exist in the company of awesome people.  Everything is perfectly aligned.

Music continues to be a large part of my life.  Case and point.

Oh, and The Dalai Lama is coming to my college on Sunday to speak about happiness.  No biggie.