May 19, 2014

The semester is over.

The reality keeps sinking in now.  Minute by minute, hour by hour, I have to keep reminding myself: I'm a junior.  In college.

This past semester marked plenty of differences in my life.  Notably, I wasn't blogging very much.  I also didn't stay in touch very well with the Blogger Family.  Even though I briefly toyed with the idea of doing BEDA, I'm glad I didn't.  My studies became a larger focus in my life and that was to be expected.  For once I was taking classes that I felt incredibly invested in.  Even Educational Psychology, which at first may have seemed like an odd choice for me, ended up being highly applicable to my life.  The course has taught me valuable lessons that I will carry with me until I have my own kids (much, much farther in the future).

But yes, academically speaking, I had my best college semester thus far.  Grades came out a last week and confirmed my suspicions.  I am proud of my efforts.

I also probably had my best social life this semester too.  I set weekly dinner dates with my friends Jenni and Miya for Mondays and Thursdays were reserved for Kari.  Nicole and I continued to host our radio show every Sunday.  I became even closer with David, who -- as I'm sure I've mentioned before -- is quite possibly the nicest and best person I've ever met.  We've talked until 3 am and commiserated over why the world has to be so difficult sometimes.  Now that's friendship.

Sadly not too much else happened these past few months.  I continue to document all the movies I watch this year.  My Film Fridays have been somewhat successful.  It is still fairly difficult to post on a weekly basis.  (I can try better this summer!)

The really terrible, downright awful things include getting very sick the week before two major presentations and papers were due.  I remember barely leaving my room.  Fortunately everyone's well wishes made it less unbearable.

Then there was when I learned that my housing for summer, spring and senior year was actually impossible.  The landlords didn't realize that a city ordinance restricted them from renting to 3-4 students.  This not only adversely affected me, but put everyone I had planned to live with in a tough position to find an alternative…in the midst of finals.  I was very lucky to secure the other summer house that I did (it has air conditionin, and is closer to campus!)  Meanwhile, I am still reconfiguring where I'll be living in the spring after my semester abroad.  I think the best option will be to sublet from my friend Ariana and to essentially live with Zoe again.  Nothing bad about that, just not what I initially would have hoped.  C'est la vie.

Other photos from the past month or so:
Here's a glamourous shot of Erin writing her last final paper after packing up her entire room. 
 I will definitely miss living on the same floor as her and her roommate Abby.

I wrote this on the chalkboard at the gelato shop where my former quad mates Sana, Zoe and I reunited.  
Emily had already left to go home, but I was glad to see Sana and Zoe one last time before summer.
Fortunately I think both will be around this summer and adventure awaits.

Because who doesn't love the cliché Instagram sunset?

Time to go finally submit my application for the University of Edinburgh.

Take care, everyone.

May 02, 2014

Film Friday: What Makes A Good College Student?

I'm astonished.  Where did April go?  And more importantly, how do I only have a week left in my sophomore year of college?  Blah, blah, blah, time is strange.  I will save a super sappy post for when I'm officially all done.

But now, to give you a taste of what I've done in my absence, here's my final film project for my Oppositional Cinemas class.  After complaining to various friends and just generally flailing about getting it done, I've made something that I'm happy to share.  Any feedback is welcome!