August 16, 2014

In the midst of August.

So far the week has been a succession of goodbyes.  First, Abby left St. Paul to go home to Texas.  From there, she will shortly head out to Bolivia for her fall semester abroad.  It simultaneously seems like forever since I went to the Irish Fair with her and Aparna and also like it happened months ago.

I talked on the phone with Andy one last time on Thursday.  I am selfishly glad he is going in the fall, too, so we'll both be back at Mac in the spring. Actually, it worked out that I will see most of my close friends when I'm back from Scotland.  In general, though, junior year feels extra disjointed.  It's already strange telling people, "Have a nice trip.  See you next fall."  Fall 2015.

This morning I had to say farewell to Erin.  Yesterday we filmed a 'before abroad' interview of questions.  She's headed to Copenhagen, Denmark to study film.  I will miss her immensely. But like I said, she'll be back in the spring so it's okay.

Anyway.  I am very tired.  Talk to you soon.

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  1. It's so weird to think about everything going away to study abroad! And potentially not seeing them for another entire year! I can't go abroad because science classes have made it impossible, and most of my friends are not doing so either (probably because most of my friends are also science people... whoops) but it certainly sounds like it will be a fantastic adventure for everyone, and once you're all back I'm sure you will all have a plethora of amazing stories to share!