November 24, 2014

Noise sensitivity.

Some days, like today, I can't stand listening to any noise that I'm not producing myself in what is supposed to be a quiet place.  Outside noises become so bothersome to me.  I even grow quite angry.  With this condition plaguing me, I've settled for my favorite place on campus, Appleton Tower's "absorb," as I work on this paper.  Yes, I definitely procrastinated on it, and I should have planned my time better.  Blah.  But what will I remember in five years?  The stress of finishing this paper last minute, or days like the weekend I just had with Emma, filled with adventures in the glorious city of Edinburgh?

Oh, yes, hi.  I'm in Scotland now.  Specifically Edinburgh (ed-in-BRUH).  I've been living and studying here for the past three months.  I love it, even though currently I am a mess of emotions.  I'm simultaneously working through feelings of sheer happiness to guilt, to laziness, to who-even-can-tell.  I partially blame entering my twenties.  That's right, folks.  I want my time to shine (and by shine I mean fail miserably and wallow in it) before quarter life crises are passé!  I'm twenty!  Let me in the club!!

Although I've given myself much needed space from the blogging world, I've still been documenting my life through daily videos.   Recently, I made a list of things that I'm looking forward to, and on said list is traveling to London next weekend.  Hopefully I can meet up with long-time Blogger Fam member and pen pal, Nicola.  I'm also eager to return to Minnesota and see how Kaitlyn, her beagle and Joey are surviving in the snow and ice.  Speaking of which, I'm not sure how I will survive.  I love the cold, but risk of frostbite and -40 degree weather always sounds extra dangerous and y'know, the opposite of fun.

Like a conversation going stale, I've turned to the weather.  Probably means I have nothing else to say.  I hope anyone who happens to be reading this is doing okay.  High School Musical is right: we're all in this together.

xx (ha ha am I British now?)