June 05, 2016

Spring 2016

Let us relive my last semester of college through a random assortment of pictures shall we?

My beautiful "etc" circle in which we talked about life, our beliefs, struggles, triumphs, ETC.

The tree where Nicole and I solidified our friendship many moons ago, captured on a gorgeous yet cold spring day.

My pen pal wall.  *bows down*

A critical part of my capstone documentary.

Met up with the amazing Kait for brunch and a much needed trip to Mia.

Letters at Mac continued for its third semester.
As co-founder and leader, I sent envelopes to all the participants with some supplies to spark their crafting!

My baes enjoying free Surly beer.

I've seriously upped my quota of seeing local music live shows this past semester alone.
This particular night I saw Nicole's cousin, Alyse's punk powerhouse, Cadence and the Wolf, among others.

Hands down one of the best jobs out there and I was so sad to leave.
The SPNN Youth department is like a family to me.

A rare snapchat from yours truly.

omgggg, springfest 2k16 feat. THUNDERCAT 

The best human there is.  Also shoutout to water and pepper.  And Malcolm X.  And pinecones.

F*ck, campus can be beautiful sometimes.

The senior art show blew me away.
So grateful to have gotten to know so many talented artists and to have seen them and their work grow throughout the four years at Mac.

Say what you will about Minnesota but I kinda like the snow.

 This was set as my phone's lock screen for a solid few months.

Greatness talking to greatness.
The bald guy was my hilarious Creative Writing professor and author Matt Burgess.
He had just given the Last Lecture for the Class of 2016.
So perfect.

A good reminder as I head into murky postgrad territory.  Ahhhhh


June 04, 2016

A Little Shout Into the Void

So far 2016 has treated me very well.

Let's see... I struck out hard in the dating department.  I'm serious.  One date led to me having strep throat.  It wrecked my last ever spring break.  But then he also "lent" me his copy of Aziz Ansari's Modern Romance which coincidentally enough rekindled my love for reading and devouring books, all while somehow still finishing college and earning a 4.0 GPA.  So there's a silver lining there for sure.  In case you're interested, my other book recommendations include What She Saw... and The Opposite of Loneliness.

This cool breeze in my new apartment is spectacular.  My new apartment is pretty spectacular in general.  The linked video above gives you a ~tiny~ glimpse into my room which will become my beautiful shrine, I'm proclaiming right now.

Remember last summer when I tried to blog more on Wordpress?  Yeah.  That was gross.  Blogger  --okay, and Tumblr -- are where it's at.  Also, this is a public reminder for me to stop paying for Squarespace.  I'm not equipped to design my personal website yet.  Though making one will remain on my distant to-list.  I'll take care of it in the next five years.  Maybe.

I'm currently enjoying Maggie's May Mix as I revamp Nicole and I's music blog, FLAK.  Nicole and I are hoping to post on there more regularly and I could not be more excited.  You know, there are two things I can say that I definitively love in this world: Nicole and music.  That fact might be evident if you watch my senior capstone documentary, Developing.  The short film also sums up my absence from blogging pretty well.*

*A strange parallel to a post I wrote May 2014.  Aw, memories.