April 16, 2017

22 Before 23

My long time blogger pal Maggie recently posted her "25 before 26" list and I was inspired to do the same.  With approximately six more months before October 10, 2017, here are my goals:
  1. Watch films by women or gender non-conforming folks
  2. Create a proper website/portfolio
  3. Bullet journal every day
  4. Fill a sketchbook
  5. Compile and publish a zine
  6. Compete in Minnesota's 48 Hour Film Fest
  7. Continue Word of the Hour Redux with Nicole
  8. Continue producing Ink Clings with Lauren
  9. Read 15 books
  10. Cook a healthy meal for 
  11. Speak up for my needs
  12. Budget better
  13. Do projects with Photoshop and AfterEffects
  14. Use my DSLR more
  15. Travel to D.C.
  16. Get serious about YouTube
  17. Use social media with more intention
  18. Start a ETC circle with Twin Cities pals
  19. Practice my DIY spirituality (dancing, meditating, writing letters, conversing with strangers)
  20. Finishing editing PGT #1
  21. Shoot and screen my claymation documentary
  22. Talk less, smile more