November 05, 2017

22 Before 23 Update

How did I do on achieving my 22 goals before my most recent birthday?

1. Watch more films by WTFs
Yes!  I totally did!  You can keep track of my progress here.  Only 27 more to go!

2. Create a proper website/portfolio
I'm getting there.  

3. Bullet journal every day
Almost!  There are some days when I feel too busy, or I'm not home in the evening.  Poor excuses. For my mental health, I want to stick to updating it every day.

4. Fill a sketchbook
Sort of forgot about this one.

5. Compile and publish a zine

6. Compete in Minnesota's 48 Hour Film Fest

7. Continue Word of the Hour Redux with Nicole
This happened to some extent, and we're going to start again soon.

8. Continue producing Ink Clings with Lauren
We've lost focus on this joint project.  I don't think we'll continue and that's okay.

9. Read 15 books

10. Cook a new healthy meal every month
Bahahaha, no.  But my boyfriend cooks :)

11. Speak up for my needs
Yes, on several occasions.  I will practice doing it more, too.

12. Budget better
I've been on top of my spreadsheets.  Do I cut out Spotify Premium?  I'm torn.

13. Do projects with Photoshop and AfterEffects
I liked this.

14. Use my DSLR more
I believe I meant for photography and not filmmaking.  Regardless, this did not happen.

15. Travel to D.C.
I'll be creating a whole post about a video soon.


17. Use social media with more intention
I'm barely on Twitter and I'm trying to only post on Instagram and Facebook when it makes sense.  Doing my best now to also only check once a day!

18. Start an ETC circle with Twin Cities pals
Spectacular fail.

19. Practice my DIY spirituality (dancing, meditating, conversing with strangers)
I have somewhat lost sight of what this looks like for me.  I want to start meditating again.

20. Finishing editing PGT

21. Shoot and screen my claymation documentary
Yep!  Reading this reminds me to invite friends to a private screening of GRIEF.  The plan will be to host several and bring people together to talk about the difficult topic.  Together, we heal. 

22. Talk less, smile more
Way to have quantifiable goals, Lizzie.

12/22 -- I'll take it. 

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